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Who the fuck is Jordan Peterson?    03/21/18  (58)
Austin bomber was ALT-RIGHT    03/21/18  (54)
Any chance that CSLGs kids dont end up as RSF-like malcontents?    03/21/18  (54)
Big Ten "tiers"    03/21/18  (49)
summon: rsf    03/21/18  (44)
YouTube Bans Firearms Demo Videos, Entering the Gun Control Debate    03/21/18  (39)
jordan pterson has a style guy you know that right?    03/21/18  (39)
Which is more respected: project manager or lawyer?    03/21/18  (39)
i'm so much calmer since motherhood. i recommend it.    03/21/18  (37)
Laura Linney - hot or not?    03/21/18  (36)
NYC Seeking To Ban Smoking While Walking. 180    03/21/18  (32)
No dog in this fight but RSF really embarrassed himself responding to CSLG today    03/21/18  (32)
Online dating corrupts & ages a girl in exponential time - fact (DTP)    03/21/18  (29)
rank/rate young Charlotte Rampling vs. young Jane Seymour vs. young Helen Mirren    03/21/18  (29)
lol libs have completely lost the plot on putin call - they are all lunatics now    03/21/18  (27)
lawman8 seems more unhinged than normal today...worried about him    03/21/18  (26)
sorry eastcoastmos. going skating today    03/21/18  (25)
Austin bomber, 23, killed himself    03/21/18  (23)
WaPo: Trump ignored written directions. TBF, it's not clear he can read    03/21/18  (22)
Would you ever date a girl who's done online dating for months/years? (DTP)    03/21/18  (21)
China literally crowned an emperor, steals all our tech and IP    03/21/18  (21)
30+ year old women with "Runner's Face" is your best option now    03/21/18  (19)
Cardano and Dash. Should i invest 1,000 USD in them?    03/21/18  (19)
what does a LexisNexis "editor" do anyways? (JD required jerb)    03/21/18  (18)
Devastating pic of Zuckercuck and his wife    03/21/18  (18)
Kristin Kreuk really is breathtakingly beautiful    03/21/18  (17)
Just gobbled down some DICK (7 total in March) Taking ?s (CharlesXII)    03/21/18  (15)
Middle aged man got MAF when I told him his son in law is hot    03/21/18  (15)
RSF describe the last motion/brief u wrote as elite law partner w/ BRICKFUSSSS?    03/21/18  (15)
This Mom Found a Racial Slur on Her 6-Year-Old's Spelling List (guess slur    03/21/18  (15)
JAM ON is now my favorite SiriusXM station    03/21/18  (15)
PSA: Senior engineers at Google make 350-750k    03/21/18  (13)
RATE This Huge-Titted Jewess & Her Bald Fiance (PICS)    03/21/18  (13)
CSLG: "I think I'm a good dad." RSF: "FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!!"    03/21/18  (12)
Rate this article and graphic on RACISM from the NYT    03/21/18  (12)
Welcome to Zucktown. Where everything is just Zucky. (NYT)    03/21/18  (12)
Elliot Rodger never got a single female fan base    03/21/18  (11)
Dunkirk was a terrible movie    03/21/18  (11)
RATE my bros finger injury from last night's hockey game (pic)    03/21/18  (10)
twins is back? 180    03/21/18  (10)
link to CSLG-RSF argument?    03/21/18  (10)
bloodacre is fat and penniless    03/21/18  (10)
Biden: if I went to school w/Trump, I'd beat the shit out of him (link)    03/21/18  (9)
The 'Bro Culture' of Service Animals (NYT)    03/21/18  (9)
we can't all have a big titted jewish wife, folks    03/21/18  (9)
Weird black brother of Florida shooter having his rights violated for the lulz    03/21/18  (9)
Luis's corpse swinging from ceiling fan, mouthing "when moon" over and over    03/21/18  (9)
How long does your ISP keep your google search history    03/21/18  (9)
Thank you for the acknowledgement of nice ethical framework    03/21/18  (9)