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STICKY: New account requests   06/13/18  (215)
these lib freakouts can't be real    07/17/18  (12)
imagine that you don't really like other people    07/17/18  (7)
Japanese pro wrestlingmos: the CHAD weeaboo faggots    07/17/18  (1)
Bump this thread if your parents have never provided you any insight into anythi    07/17/18  (22)
Is The War On Drugs (the band) xo-approved?    07/17/18  (4)
So trumpmos dont care about small govt and free markets anymore?    07/17/18  (43)
Duck sauce aside, Trump looked beta as fuck next to Putin today    07/17/18  (5)
i'm truly loving & savoring the lib freakout today    07/17/18  (22)
libs truly have no idea how stupid and delusional they look to normal people    07/17/18  (3)
i have 30 hours of free time every week to study and practice violin    07/17/18  (1)
Joe Rogan led me to this inspirational vid of dood who has life figured out    07/17/18  (1)
baby goldstein quotemo is a lock for MPM 2018 champ    07/17/18  (1)
Hey tsinah, I make more money than you and live in a better city    07/17/18  (62)
Reminder: not one single "baby goldstein" thread was even remotely funny    07/17/18  (3)
MA listens to libs and believes that you shouldn't shoot anyone unarmed    07/17/18  (4)
2 kinds of units in this world: affordable, unaffordable    07/17/18  (1)
cucks all lining up to talk shit on Trump but GUESS WHAT NO ONE CARES    07/17/18  (4)
Did Benzo actually ever live in NYC?    07/17/18  (3)
'affordable units' are a preview of HUD flooding your neighborhood w/ blacks    07/17/18  (6)
White man EVISCERATES womans hygiene. No response possible.    07/17/18  (19)
how will libs react is republicans sweep congressional elections?    07/17/18  (5)
israel should be nuked    07/17/18  (29)
The War On Drugs - Eyes To the Wind.mp3    07/17/18  (52)
Trump's meeting with Putin today was beyond 180    07/17/18  (5)
Epic thread about accepting black criminality...    07/17/18  (1)
When are you going to buy more bitcoin and eth    07/17/18  (3)
You guys notice the media sleight of hand from "Collusion" to "Meddling"?    07/17/18  (19)
can someone pls bump the "Tuna Pussy" thread    07/17/18  (3)
just bought a 40V electric lawn mower on AMAZON PRIME DAY!    07/17/18  (4)
affordable unit    07/17/18  (4)
Just watched trucker. Standing O from Peterman. That was 190.    07/17/18  (3)
Wapo: "Pack the courts with libs" (lib fringe" movement from 2 weeks ago) (link)    07/17/18  (116)
Prime day deals are basically the same deals Amazon has every day on deal page    07/16/18  (20)
In an alternate universe, white guy named "lewis" cashes out at height of crypto    07/16/18  (3)
A List of All the White Nationalities I Have Fucked in 2018: (NYUUG)    07/16/18  (11)
resident evil 4    07/16/18  (6)
lol @ PP's fake weed brain damage    07/16/18  (13)
Kavanaugh Buying Spill Protection Plan For RAZR    07/16/18  (1)
Just bought 1000 BAT for $12000 (xo 2018)    07/16/18  (29)
Can someone succinctly explain why libs HATE Trump?    07/16/18  (22)
Epic read: Detroit Boomers complain 5 years after bankruptcy killed pensions    07/16/18  (2)
RESIDENT EVIL 8 RELEASED    07/16/18  (1)
devendra banhart - michigan state.mp3    07/16/18  (1)
what's the best Donovan song?    07/16/18  (6)
Is there any surviving footage from above the plane strikes at the WTC on 9/11?    07/16/18  (12)
There is nothing scarier in life than a crypto reverse-moon (DTP)    07/16/18  (4)
lol kid was demanding i eat wife's pot roast like the judges on masterchef    07/16/18  (11)
TCTP here at the gym. What should I work on?!    07/16/18  (6)
how are you?    07/16/18  (5)
nude luis doing a "rain dance" for the crypto gods    07/16/18  (4)
XO LA MEETUP #2    07/16/18  (95)
Putin inconvenienced Jewish oligarchs and so we're all supposed to hate Russia    07/16/18  (2)
Is this city libs' worst nightmare?    07/16/18  (2)
Ian Samuel on Tucker Carlson    07/16/18  (2)
I had a dream I was back in college, but the university was one huge building    07/16/18  (1)
Life in MFH on $25/hr is surprisingly doable (story)    07/16/18  (22)
Why do Trump supporters hate America so much?    07/16/18  (8)
RATE this chimp chillin on a TV set    07/16/18  (1)
Bort God PauliePorsche slapping nazi trumptards w/his big Marathi cock    07/16/18  (79)
paulie porsche looks like a shit-covered penguin    07/16/18  (10)
Metroid Prime Day    07/16/18  (3)
lack of moderation = baby goldstein shitting allover the place    07/16/18  (1)
Why has someone not combined the Kavanaugh & baby goldstein memes yet?    07/16/18  (3)
Who is this objective 9 Catholic anti-immigrant Italian Alessandra Bocchi?    07/16/18  (13)
Consuela - link to ONE single objectively funny post you've ever made    07/16/18  (5)
Consuela is the mastermind behind Baby Goldstein right?    07/16/18  (1)
What do you think Trump and Putin discussed in private during their meeting?    07/16/18  (1)
Really pissed Dems turned on Zuckerberg, literally their only hope for 2020    07/16/18  (15)
Shadow of the Colossus but it's TSINAH fighting giant landlords    07/16/18  (6)
Which dem will be potus after Clinton's two terms? Booker or Kaine?    07/16/18  (25)
Kavanaugh Paying $14.99 For Passport Photos At CVS    07/16/18  (6)
XO Kerber: AO-W-USO Is What I Wanted, I Have No Interest In Winning RG    07/16/18  (1)
CVS Employee Scolded Me For Printing My Own Passport Photos. Dispute Charges?    07/16/18  (99)
xo2008: Supreme Court clerk posts . . . xo2018: Consuela posts    07/16/18  (3)
Trumpmos have an excellent shot at outlawing abortion!!    07/16/18  (3)
So is America in a full scale civil war now over immigration+wall?    07/16/18  (131)
God Emperor Trump Smiles Upon Us All    07/16/18  (3)
*farts cum* makes my irl friends LOL    07/16/18  (1)
Pat Buchanan: Trump Ended Cold War II    07/16/18  (1)
Red state people are fat as fuck, especially the women    07/16/18  (3)
So my shitlib friends are freaking out because Trump apologized for America?    07/16/18  (30)
Look at this list of real estate agents off to the side...why so many hot women    07/16/18  (34)
The image on Lou Dobbs show seems to be slightly blurred on purpose    07/16/18  (1)
so Trump supporters are basically traitors now?    07/16/18  (2)
What do you think Trump's priorities will be for his second term?    07/16/18  (2)
Historian explains how Trump supporters are actually really really stupid    07/16/18  (1)
Public notice: a racist was found and eliminated from this location on July 16    07/16/18  (1)
you used to be a mountain of love, but you just changed your name    07/16/18  (1)
LIBS plz click this article & explain how its different than cambridge analytica    07/16/18  (1)
"relevancy" is a faggot word; only lawyers use it. should be "relevance"    07/16/18  (1)
How do i lose my midsection stomach fat    07/16/18  (69)
Lance Armstrong was 39 when he landed on the moon    07/16/18  (7)
Trump approval... 44%... in fucking ARIZONA    07/16/18  (4)
Neil Armstrong was 40 when the USADA concluded he doped    07/16/18  (4)
Neil Armstrong was 39 when he landed on the moon    07/16/18  (16)
Being An Astronaut Seems Like The Height Of Prole Goy Achievement    07/16/18  (49)
Rare this MS Paint cartoon about urban violence in America:    07/16/18  (96)
How can i lose weight (tedcruztp)    07/16/18  (24)
Spaceporn on page 35 of his By You threads    07/16/18  (5)
Anti Abortion Activists find meaning in their movement from Thai Cave Rescue    07/16/18  (2)
People used to have glorious Zeus parties, holidays, gold glitter in the air,    07/16/18  (6)
Lmao Richard Spencer: "end the Fed" more important idea than any of Nietzsche's    07/16/18  (1)
Remember, Obama through Hillary gave Lavrov a literal red reset button    07/16/18  (2)
the lovin spoonful - did you ever have to make up your mind.mp3    07/16/18  (1)
idk why its so hard for libs to realize trump's unbeatable.its right in his name    07/16/18  (1)
So Melania is Trump's handler or something?    07/16/18  (1)
Why do people ignore the mountain of evidence RE: Fake Moon Landing    07/16/18  (96)
GF wants produce not from Walmart, I am holding firm    07/16/18  (35)
Putin REFUSES to extradite Russian hacker thugs. Just nuke this asshat already    07/16/18  (1)
Marrying a Russian girl 10 years younger than I.Taking marriage advice & ?s ITT.    07/16/18  (312)
boner police is big enough to be an NFL defensive lineman despite being 5'8    07/16/18  (4)
After Putin meeting, Drudge for first time seems skeptical of Trump    07/16/18  (5)
"My body my choice! Legalize drugs!" - "T-booster, please?" - "FUCK YOU MEA    07/16/18  (4)
Mama Cass enjoying a fateful FUN SNACK    07/16/18  (1)
SUMMON: TT, To be fair, etc. I have an NY-specific divorce law question.    07/16/18  (4)
feel terrible for the bros in the parallel universe where hillary won    07/16/18  (11)
Deus Vult, are you serious about this Russian-American Union shit?    07/16/18  (10)
ARE Reptile has the most irritating schtick on the entire board    07/16/18  (4)
Just got back from gym . Lost 1 lbs. PIC    07/16/18  (38)
babbydude says You're Welcome after i give him something    07/16/18  (12)
NYUUG: 180 Russian girl Harem. Trump: Sucking Putin's Fat Russian Schlong    07/16/18  (1)
Elderly woman kidnapped; murdred by "youths" at random in small-town Arkansas    07/16/18  (1)
Scoring lots of 5/10's on Barbri self-graded practice essays. How fuct?    07/16/18  (11)
do any poasters actually have fat wives?    07/16/18  (36)
Remember when Trump called Kim Jong Un "Rocket Man" & libs were pearl clutching?    07/16/18  (4)
Next on Tucker: why you should eat cheese and look like an NFL runningback    07/16/18  (2)
don't run luis the IRS sees you    07/16/18  (2)
bloodacre: "i just ate cake frosting out of the bag" his dad: "that wasnt frosti    07/16/18  (2)
*eats cake frosting out of can to the point of vomiting* FUN HEALTHY SNACKS!!!1    07/16/18  (3)
And on that day the last of the Genital Wart outbreak of 2018 flaked off my COCK    07/16/18  (1)
Tucker just said trump was groping and bordeline raping 69 y.o. NATO    07/16/18  (2)
tucker just called a lib guest on his show "incel" and started laughing at him    07/16/18  (1)
dutifully mounting my fat wife and pounding away    07/16/18  (111)
Video games are so unprofitable    07/16/18  (4)
Thousands of people guillotined for this (pic)    07/16/18  (8)
Trump 2016: least impressive POTUS victory since Carter 1976    07/16/18  (4)
Bad thing about World Cup is that the final is always kind of anti-climactic    07/16/18  (17)
holy shit Tucker just said "autoadmit.com is 180" during his helsinki segment    07/16/18  (1)
Fulano rolling his eyes as he cracks open your beer in rural Kentucky tavern    07/16/18  (2)
Tucker just picked Snake Assombo to win Mr. Alpha 2018    07/16/18  (3)
4yearold yelling to mommy like"meatloaf"bro in wedding crashers    07/16/18  (2)
It is okay to be openly communist now    07/16/18  (26)
Buying replica luxury goods hit me like a fever & wouldnt let me go for 5 years    07/16/18  (3)
Why are gays so into saunas? If you want to get clean, just do soap and water.    07/16/18  (5)
Haha, wow, holy shit (pics)    07/16/18  (21)
do any poasters actually have fat cocks?    07/16/18  (2)
Pic of Dorian Gray but it's GGTP that stays the same and pic cops inhouse in US    07/16/18  (5)
is consciousness just a bunch of linking algorithms?    07/16/18  (4)
American fats see weight loss as an unnatural chore they need REASONS to do (DTP    07/16/18  (6)

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