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By unhinged pumos about you Past 6 hrs / 24 hrs / week / month
running list of things outlived by your xo addiction    10/21/17  (3)
Got stool sample results. Im apparently really sick    10/21/17  (13)
suddenly feel shitty. ordered a pizza.    10/21/17  (26)
Can't concentrate for more than 15m at a shot. Leaden paralysis.    10/21/17  (2)
Watched original blade runner. what a retarded pretentious gasbag movie    10/21/17  (41)
From 1 to 9, what is your mood right now?    10/21/17  (9)
DC to NYC in 29 minutes.    10/21/17  (68)
MEGYN KELLY *DESTROYED* BY TRUMP! (video)    10/21/17  (10)
Rach: petition to create a "By unhinged pumos about you" button    10/21/17  (29)
Went drinking with a bunch of Chads tonight, glimpse into Chad life    10/21/17  (1)
lol at twins' catty butthurt whining re: xo liking coldplay fan more than him    10/21/17  (27)
Poll: best spots to hit up in Austin.    10/21/17  (1)
What are ur favorite programming books    10/21/17  (17)
mathematician proves 1 + 1 = 3 (link)    10/21/17  (4)
we tinychatting or what tonight bros    10/21/17  (38)
woke up this morning, felt like i was dying    10/21/17  (7)
At an airport in the Midwest and nobody speaks English. Now ain't that america    10/21/17  (6)
You just finished a day of blacksmithing. Heading to the local tavern    10/21/17  (149)
Idris Elba to NYCOA: "Dey man locked up. Dey miss him, you feel?"    10/21/17  (1)
Remember that wave of bullshit stories about how inept trump was - like how he s    10/21/17  (3)
"Fix You" plays over a montage of lawman8's many autistic meltdowns    10/21/17  (5)
Vox exec canned for sexual misconduct    10/21/17  (4)
Contractor didn't think I was homeowner. Said I was too young to own my house.    10/21/17  (3)
You can poast any bullshit flame here just add (link) at the end    10/21/17  (1)
Id gladly give you a 180 on Tuesday for a blank bump today.    10/21/17  (5)
BBC intentionally started massive forest fires to film Planet Earth 2 (link)    10/21/17  (3)
Just LOL at molly ringwalds sex abuse stories    10/21/17  (21)
Why do so many sudanimals scurry away? Istanbul Street cat, drake mallard    10/21/17  (3)
REMINDER: rigoberta menchu is a LYING CUNT    10/21/17  (6)
this fucker tom steyer has a lot of nerve    10/21/17  (2)
Caribbean medschool destroyed by hurricane resumes session on Royal Carib cruise    10/21/17  (17)
my sister's shitcompany gave the employees a $70 bonus    10/21/17  (157)
Alternative tinychat, no bullshit    10/21/17  (3)
we fucked up going to law school-- now hopeless despair    10/21/17  (2)
"US" media (controlled by literal foreigners) subverting America    10/21/17  (11)
Why I masturbate my profoundly disabled son (NYTimes)    10/21/17  (42)
Mad TV was funnier than SNL    10/21/17  (20)
I feel like Ive been neglectful of my posting duties    10/21/17  (1)
the myth of Sisyphus    10/21/17  (1)
"The foundation of my political philosophy? Have you read crazy pills?"    10/21/17  (5)
So xoJohn Kelly basically = Colonel Nathan Jessup?    10/21/17  (2)
crazy pills, gibberish and spritezero are the top 3 poasters on xo    10/21/17  (1)
Trump to block release of JFK files    10/21/17  (1)
MPM really brings out the worst in everyone here    10/21/17  (6)
A Deep State procession up a Mongolian moutain to give Trump a sky burial    10/21/17  (1)
Female Israeli soldier takes on 50 ultra-orthodox faggots like Jackie Chan    10/21/17  (19)
Yankees - Astros    10/21/17  (10)
MPA really brings out the worst in everyone here    10/21/17  (1)
Why I Masturbate My Chaebong Hyung Son (nyuugs mom)    10/21/17  (2)
Erick Erickson: GOP Delegates Can Vote for Whoever They Want on First Round    10/21/17  (28)
look, you and I are both here to make a funny thread and get 180's    10/21/17  (3)
Obama's second term was completely insane    10/21/17  (3)
Revealed preference analysis proves Cal State Fullerton = MIT    10/21/17  (2)
ITT you write a max 50 word bio about your bort persona    10/21/17  (87)
Odor of the Queef is the grosses moniker since eye level w/ dads junk    10/21/17  (5)
Guy in Wales has watched every single video on Youtube (link)    10/21/17  (3)
Buying up all the Gamecube games on Amazon    10/21/17  (2)
cliffs on MPM/lawman8 stuff that happened today?    10/21/17  (141)
sell-side bankers babbling neologisms and acronyms in their sleep    10/21/17  (4)
ITT: Replace one word of a famous movie title with the word "Twink"    10/21/17  (211)
Rach PLEASE make a megapoaster madness board so non-aspies can ignore it    10/21/17  (5)
what are the key components of making a 200+ post thread here?    10/21/17  (1)
Idris Elba shouting at the TV screen when video evidence is played for jury    10/21/17  (14)
Can't believe we had a Muzzie nig POTUS for 8 years as president of the US    10/21/17  (5)
Keep believing the media and what people $ay and put on $martphone$ hehe    10/21/17  (7)
Hey Earl the Gucci Mane wedding is on BET    10/21/17  (3)
evan39 lol at all of the brainwa$hed ma$$e$    10/21/17  (10)
Steroid balls still posting under "my dog...." Moniker.    10/21/17  (9)
Really fucking sad that tom petty died    10/21/17  (3)
tried to Google "Jesus Campos paid actor" and my computer crashed    10/21/17  (1)
HARD TRUTH: you'll NEVER make noise as well as this bird    10/21/17  (9)
Recommended music/songs to start sex/foreplay?    10/21/17  (31)
Terence McKenna Autism Cure: 5 dried grams of psilocybin in silent darkness    10/21/17  (10)
Peterman here - I'll be on sabbatical until I send in MBA apps    10/21/17  (102)
180 based stickman mocks CA GOP protestors    10/21/17  (1)
Dumb here, someone pls explain metamodernism/post-postmodernism
   10/21/17  (2)
odd case: wresting most egalitarian sport but libs hate it    10/21/17  (3)
doobs, on his knees, nude, scrabbling backward, sphincter snapping for scum    10/21/17  (1)
In Blade Runner 2049 what was the significance of Gosling's furnace memory    10/21/17  (18)
zinc and magnesium for sleep. Maybe 2 mg melatonin. Maybe booze.    10/21/17  (3)
Where have you gone SNAKE ASSOMBO, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you    10/21/17  (7)
Spoke with a Hiring manager today. Was told they would never hire a programmer    10/21/17  (26)
twins tp is the most insightful motherfucker I've ever seen    10/21/17  (32)
ARod isn't loathsome as an announcer    10/21/17  (6)
Shitlaw litigator bros, any of you notice yourselves becoming a monster?    10/21/17  (5)
Biz idea: restaurant that gives you milk instead of water    10/21/17  (2)
I come too farrrrrrr    10/21/17  (1)
*little girl front row@ Javits, wondering if girls can be strong* *Podesta walks    10/21/17  (50)
flirted w petite spinner waitress before returning to table w wife and kid. sad!    10/21/17  (12)
hey kids, stim your dicks together! we gonna show you cocks positively jurassic!    10/21/17  (2)
Million dollar extreme was a literal neo nazi show on adult swim    10/21/17  (5)
Top 3 serial TV dramas of all time: 1) Breaking Bad, 2) Sopranos, 3) Mad Men    10/21/17  (5)
"Why I Refuse to Masturbate My Profoundly Disabled Husband" (spaceporn's wife)    10/21/17  (21)
so... socatoa spent $30 on Fiverr dj drops to brag about his BJC? lol...    10/21/17  (17)
Has a rapper said "you'll get no trigger warning when I pull the heat"??.    10/21/17  (2)
xo 2007: talked about 5 star restaurants, 2017: wendy's. sad!    10/20/17  (4)
I just keyed my boss's car during lunch.    10/20/17  (15)
STICKY: 95 theses you should read ITT    10/20/17  (13)
these titties are a lifestyle    10/20/17  (14)
When's the last time you drank a glass of milk?    10/20/17  (7)
why don't they reduce the NBA shot clock to 20 seconds    10/20/17  (1)
Great cartoon on double standards "women" have    10/20/17  (2)
I'm sorry we aren't all as smart as you we didn't all go to Gudger College    10/20/17  (2)
Bob Barker grieving at wife's grave 36 years after her death (sad pics)    10/20/17  (32)
Rate my checking account (Epah)    10/20/17  (97)
Live PD is on right now    10/20/17  (3)
Halford fired from teaching job (NY Post)    10/20/17  (1)
paintings by people with schizophrenia    10/20/17  (27)
Why is wagecucking so tiring    10/20/17  (4)
Human$ have no need for eltricity, running water and directv    10/20/17  (8)
Fuck all of you, I'm gonna listen to Kanye and eat McNuggets    10/20/17  (3)
How are all you poors preparing for America being DONE HERE    10/20/17  (19)
Hello Wildcats    10/20/17  (1)
Hey Julie are you riding Ryan Howard's cock tonight?    10/20/17  (1)
Notre Dame will beat USC by 2+ TDs    10/20/17  (8)
Biz idea: restaurant that serves midwestern food    10/20/17  (5)
Need meeee wifiii hehe my heheh heee    10/20/17  (4)
no way in peak of Cold War we went 2 the moon just to plant a flag    10/20/17  (1)
when i hear song "i want u to show me the way, everyday" i think of Bbboooom    10/20/17  (2)
Police shoot shitpitts to death after attacking woman    10/20/17  (1)
Why do people care about all this political sniping? "He said x, but really!..."    10/20/17  (3)
rach can we get emoji support    10/20/17  (1)
REMINDER: BRAVE Browser for mobile is 180    10/20/17  (11)
$666B in 2017 deficit why are we lowering taxes again?    10/20/17  (9)
2 pitbulls brutally attack a husky    10/20/17  (6)
So a 401k is just an employer pool of money that they invest?    10/20/17  (4)
Lol at prole$ thinking people can't get $hit done    10/20/17  (2)
*sharklasers showing Grigori Perelman how to download Bumble at math conference*    10/20/17  (6)
Bump this when MSM leaks that Hillary has won the presidency on November 7    10/20/17  (2)
Stuck in SFO, anyone looking to suck some dick in a stall or yoga room    10/20/17  (5)
"Return of the Mack" playing as Idris Elba approaches on redirec    10/20/17  (82)
Idris Elba filing patent application for "Nut Sack Wave Cap".    10/20/17  (5)
"Aight ladies & gents it's SHOWTIME!" *Idris & co-counsel tumble into courtroom*    10/20/17  (20)
*Idris Elba TP, asking if they received his racial disclosure form at the court*    10/20/17  (4)
Prosecutor Idris: wut batman gotta do wit dem uncle toms gettin booted from jury    10/20/17  (5)
employer told me: "it's a lot easier to train dogs to sit"    10/20/17  (5)
Motion to Bring Electronic "2-ways" Into The Court /s Idris Elba    10/20/17  (3)
Biglaw Sharklasers using series of cuts to construct infinite time from 0.1 bill    10/20/17  (11)
Why I masturbate my perfectly able-bodied daughter (NYTimes op-ed)    10/20/17  (14)
Sea 1 Ep 2 of Sopranos is some of the best shit ever    10/20/17  (8)
At what point will the Arizona Wildcats 2017-18 national title be voided    10/20/17  (2)
*Sharklasers hanging "PARKOUR NIGHT" sign outside public library*    10/20/17  (2)
"hey babe, why are you taking notes?" said evan's wife at the local kroger    10/20/17  (17)
2017 net to date is 1.1 million - Calishitlawguru (taking ?s)    10/20/17  (26)
And then my wife's BOYfriend said, "hey aZIZ,    10/20/17  (2)
Just had a 180 epiphany: it's better to feel pain than nothing at all    10/20/17  (1)

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